Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Oily Rag Ignites!

Be careful what you throw into the dryer! This fire started all because an oily rag got too hot while in the dryer.

Our Local Community

This school recently was gifted a building that had sat empty for awhile, but is being revived into an elementary school that will engage and showcase the commu... READ MORE

Local Commercial Business Chooses SERVPRO

A local beauty and hair salon had extensive damaged throughout her business in the main area, bathroom, and laundry room. Coming to work that morning and seeing... READ MORE

Standing Water in Commercial Property

As a commercial property was suffering from an appliance supply line leak, SERVPRO of Hernando County was gearing up to save the day. The call placed to SERVPRO... READ MORE

Commercial Retailer with Sprinkler Damage

SERVPRO of Hernando County arrived quickly onsite to a commercial facility which just experienced water damage due to a sprinkler system inside. While acting ra... READ MORE

Hurricane Michael's Wrath Damages Local Assisted Living Facility

Hurricane Michael took no mercy on anything in his path as he barreled his way through the Florida Panhandle. Taking down trees, homes – whatever stood ag... READ MORE

Back-to-School Ready

A college classroom is a place for concentration and learning for hundreds of students and professors, and after many years of use, this lecture hall’s ca... READ MORE